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Rives St Maury                                  


Come and stay in our beautiful apartment. It contains one bedroom, with double bed, and is a perfect location for a couple who wish to explore this stunning part of south west France.

A warm welcome from Robert & Michèle would await you at Rives St Maury, which nestles within the Golden Triangle, (Albi, Cordes and Gaillac) sloping gently down to the River Tarn, at Labastide de Lévis, midway between Gaillac and Albi, near the vineyards of Gaillac and the Pays des Bastides.

The views from the villa and ground-floor apartment across the River Tarn are spectacular, as are the sunrises and sunsets. Our garden slopes down to the riverside itself. Because of the dam a few kilometers downstream, the river opens out looking more like a lake. Fortunately, we usually have no problem with mosquitoes or flooding. The water is usually very calm, giving wonderful reflections of the banks, trees and bridges. You can fish in the river (for carp, perch, sandre, catfish, etc.) from our garden banks, watch the herons, egrets or kingfishers, take the pedalo on the water, or just simply sit back, unwind, relax and enjoy the peaceful serenity of our beautiful garden and countryside.

Many people return here year after year to enjoy everything all over again!



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Robert & Michèle Paterson
Rives St Maury
372 Impasse
            de la Voie Ferée
81150 Labastide de Lévis

00 33 5 63 53 26 45



We are English, but speak both English and French.

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